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Cooking How do you do it? What are the recipes?

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Old 09-10-2008, 02:27 AM
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Default How to cook in a camper's gas oven

first of all, my knowledge in this area comes from Maureen who actually does the baking and who has learned through many hours of work how to do so successfully in a camper's propane gas oven .... all, I repeat ALL camper gas ovens have serious hot spot issues ... as I tell folks during demos, if you use a standard metal or glass pan to bake in one of these ovens, I hope you like it crunchy because it is going to burn .... to successfully bake in these ovens one must use cookware designed to spread the heat evenly ... Maureen uses Pampered Chef stoneware:

does it have to be this brand, absolutely not, we just know it works .... she keeps 3 different pans that are only used in our camper and with them she bakes cookies, biscuits, cakes, pies, whatever .... we have a good number of witnesses who are members here who can testify from first hand knowledge of the food she has baked .... for those who use cast iron cookware, it will usually do well ... only provision, is can't be so large as to touch any wall within the oven .... heat must come up all the way around the cookware .... additionally, these ovens are usually very hot ... if you bake at 300 degrees at home, try 200 in your camper oven and work up from there to find the temperature where yours works best ....

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