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Global Positioning Systems GPS, for short.

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Default GPS = bad directions

Why GPS Units Give Campers "Bad" Directions
When your campers become frustrated with their GPS navigation system, it may help to remember that it was not invented for the purpose they're using it for. That's why it doesn't always match their particular needs and circumstances.
The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-navigation system developed and maintained by the U.S. government. Initially, it was designed to provide navigation information for military ships and planes.

The GPS is made up of three parts: satellites orbiting the Earth; control and monitoring stations on Earth; and the GPS receivers owned by users. GPS satellites broadcast signals from space that are picked up and identified by GPS receivers. A GPS receiver (GPSR) is a RECEIVER of radio signals and it does not transmit anything to anywhere.

Today, travelers use their own GPS receivers to find their way from one place to another. Users should understand that they are receiving signals from satellites, which are imposed on maps contained within the individual GPS receiver.

The maps are stored within the GPS receiver - they do not change and do not update automatically. In order to have the latest road and highway improvements available from their GPS vendor, owners must purchase update maps. These may be downloaded from the website of their GPS unit manufacturer, or purchased as a CD from retail stores.

It is important to understand that KOA franchisees, kampers, and staff have no control over the signals generated by the satellites, nor the maps installed in the GPS receivers. We cannot affect the inputs (signals) or outputs (directions) of any part of the GPS system. We do provide correct coordinates for each KOA Kampground that can be entered into individual GPS units.

In their GPS units, users have the choice of selecting the "shortest distance" to their destination, which may choose a route that owners of large RVs find difficult to navigate. Big rig owners often prefer to select the "highway" routes, which are built to accommodate large vehicles. In either case, they are always running the risk of getting a route with tree-lined streets, tight turns, bumpy roads, etc.

The only directions we DO control are the ones posted on and printed in the KOA Directory. We'll continue to work with GPS companies, asking them to get better, but it may be a while before their technology catches up to expectations.

Until the GPS technology improves and allows us to specify routes to our campgrounds, we'll have to be very clear in communicating the technology's shortcomings to campers at the campgrounds. Not doing so will result in campers continuing to blame us for the bad directions given by their devices,---------and to this I can add that the company that supply's the GPS company's with the info for the unit's software has screwed up the database,this park has been here starting in 1988 and the mail has alway's come to 1475 south walnut with "NO" issue's for the past 21 year's except when you put that address into a GPS it send's you up town,you just might want to check the KOA or woodall's or trailor life directory's and look at the MAP,John @ starke koa,hope this help's.
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