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Default Glacier Bay RV

Hello all, I know it has been a while since I have commented on GB, I must have started this post 20 times only to delete it the last 19.

As some of you know GB has stopped taking orders for trailers after the first of the year, as of right now the company remains in limbo.

Because rumors always tend to get blown out of proportion I felt it best to keep you informed as to what was going on. I have always been as upfront as possible with everyone on here and I don't want that to change.

Since December my life has been in turmoil, first there were some lingering partnership legal issues that had to be resolved, it drug out longer than I had hoped but I finally put it behind us.

Then the deal that was in the works since 2010 to sell my transportation company has fallen thru. This was going to allow me to spend all of my time on GB.

The plan was to spend full time in Indiana on GB, which I did for all of 2010. The problem without going into details is that I can't be in two places,running two businesses at the same time, esp. when they are 800 miles apart.

Because of this for the last couple of months I have been trying to find a person/partner to run GB, my critera for the position was simple, or so I thought.

All of the hard work, the R&D the floorplans, the pricing, the materials, and the workforce are all in place, it is literally a turn key operation.

All I asked was that the person had a high level of integrity and I wanted them to have capital of their own to buy into the company, a very small number considering what I have invested.

I have been burnt before by people running the company without having any of their "skin in the game" I will not make that mistake again.

As of this minute, I have not found "that" person, yes we are still debt free, we are not bankrupt, yes we had/have people that still want units.

But I cannot in good faith take a deposit on a unit, without knowing what or who was going to be running GB. Some of the people on here had deadlines on when they needed a trailer, it wasn't fair to lead them on.

I did not feel comfortable taking a deposit or order from them without knowing whether I could deliver on it. I just wanted the people that I have come to know on this board to know what was going on.

I have continued to pay all of the bills at GB including warranties,taxes,utilities,etc. and will continue to do so as the factory remains intact. As soon as we find that person or persons, we will move forward, but until then we are at a standstill.

Thanks for listening,

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