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Default DRV -- 2012 Select Suites 38TKSB3

Okay, I've procrastinated enough on starting this thread. I hope it is in the right place.

We traded our 2007 KZ Montego Bay 36 REB in on a 2012 DRV Select Suites 38TKSB3 Thursday of last week.

Here is how it went down. It will be long so you might not want to start reading. ha. This all started while we were workamping in Altoona, Iowa this summer. We really wanted a new rig. Debbie wanted a bigger kitchen. I wanted bigger tires/wheels. We wanted a new floor plan. Only the wheels/tires could be done on the MB. We started looking around and doing internet research. We came up with three manufacturers that met our needs for a full timing rig. They were NUWA, Carriage, and DRV. Yes, there is also New Horizons, but they are well past $130,000 and up so were not a good fit for us. We have a budget since we are retired and in looking at models from all three, we were interested in the Champagne line from NUWA, the Carri-Lite from Carriage, and the Mobile Suite from DRV. We eliminated the Champagne due to the fact that they were right at $100,000 and up with no possibility of coming down since they are a buy at the factory outfit. In other words, they set their price and that is the price. We eliminated the Carri-Lite from Carriage since their price was also up there in the $100,000 range. We probably could have negotiated a bit with them, but were not really happy with any of their floor plans.

That left us with DRV and Mobile Suites. We traveled to Lincoln, NB to visit the closest Suites dealer (about a 3 hour drive from Altoona) and came away with the idea that a 36 footer was not big enough for us. It had a bigger kitchen, but that came at the expense of a smaller living area. They were in the upper $90,000 range also. We went back to doing internet research. We found a dealer on the internet called RV's for Less that had a Select Suites that was in a more optimum $$ position. It was a 36 foot unit. Upon calling about it and discussing it with Karen, the owner, she suggested that we order one and thus could get what we wanted on it. So that is what we did. We ordered a longer unit so that we could get both the bigger kitchen and a bigger living room, the best of both worlds. It would come with 8000 lb axles and 17.5 wheels and J rated Michelin tires as standard. I was happy. We were sent an option sheet and we picked some options from that sheet. We also noted on the unit that RV's For Less had some Mobile Suites things on it and we inquired about those. Yes, we could get those too. HOWEVER, as we would find out later after it was too late to change the order, there were other things we could have ordered IF we had only known.

We did order the Mobile Suites tile, the Louisiana cut (which takes out the living room carpet and replaces it with tile), the MS built in dinette with storage (a great addition), a few more electric outlets, and also were able to get a personalized paint job (not a full paint job, but we were able to specify the front cap color and also the individual swirls). We wanted a black front cap and also wanted some of the swirls to match our red Dodge truck. DRV took the truck color code and matched the indicated swirls perfectly. We are very happy with the color.

Some things not ordered that were not known about: We did not order a ceiling fan since every unit we have had before came with one. The Select Suite did not. It was an option but was not listed on the option sheet. When we finally realized that the SS did not come with one after talking with another SS owner in Wichita, we called DRV. The district manager and one of the DRV engineers worked for over an hour to try to figure out how to add one, but could not. After talking to the Wichita SS owner, we also realized that we COULD have ordered the MS air conditioning, which would be both units ducted completely so that each would feed the entire trailer and the units air returns would be above the ceiling and thus nearly quiet. What we got was the standard air conditioning with the units kind of semi above the ceiling with chill grates showing and the air returns also showing and they are loud!

When we got to RV's for Less on Monday, a day ahead of our Tuesday appointment, we immediately went to the unit and started checking everything out and took some outside picts. Everything looked perfect. We showed up Tuesday morning for our 10:00 appointment unhooked our unit in front of the new unit and thought we would start out PDI. We asked one of the workers about Karen, and were told that she wouldn't be in until the afternoon and we were told to start moving our stuff over. We did that, but everything came to a screeching halt when one of the workers told us that there was a problem with the kitchen slide. He showed us that it was dragging and gouging the linoleum when it came in and out. He stated that there were no rollers under the slide. We stopped moving in our stuff and asked what was being done? No one could answer our questions. With the owner's wife not being there, we had no one to go to for answers to our questions. We sat around for about 2 hours with no word. I finally went inside the unit and turned on the air conditioners, and it sounded like a jet was taking off.

Talk about being disappointed, we were so devastated. We had gone through 4 slide motors in the big slide, 3 motors in the next larger slide, and had the bedroom slide rebuilt at the factory all on our KZ MB. We made the decision to hook up our MB and leave. The owner's wife finally showed up as we were hooked up and she had a look of shock. I told her what we found in the unit and what we decided, and with that we hit the road.

Within 5 minutes of leaving, she called us to talk about it. Within 10 minutes of leaving, we had 4 calls from 3 VP's and 1 District Manager of DRV wanting to know what they could do to make it better. We told everyone who called that we would take the rest of the day to make our decision, and would be letting everyone know by Wednesday morning. DRV offered to have us bring the unit back to the factory and they would install whatever rollers were needed to the slide, they would then extend the slide warranty an additional 6 months, they would replace all the tile that were scratched and gouged, they would also replace the a/c in the living room with the top of the line low profile unit, they would also pay our expenses to get there.

We decided to take the unit! Karen at RV's for Less called Tuesday night and told us that they could install a ceiling fan in the unit. We were shocked again. We did not go to the dealership Wednesday, because it was very cold and rainy. We showed up Thursday early and unhooked our unit again and started moving our stuff again. It took the tech from Thursday lunch until Friday quitting time to install the fan, and even then it wasn't finished. He had to come back Monday to finish hooking up the wiring to the breaker box and putting the doors back on that he took off to gain better access to wires and open spaces. So Thursday and Friday, while we were trying to move in, there were two and sometimes three ladders inside our rig for the fan install. But, bottom line, we have a fan installed and we love it. We were finally able to get the paperwork done Friday afternoon. We then had Saturday and Sunday by ourselves to get all our stuff moved, since the dealership was closed by 2:00 on Sat. and all day Sunday. They finished up the fan Monday and fixed everything on our punch list that we developed over the weekend. The main thing was a leak in the washer plumbing at the p-trap.

We left Tuesday morning and headed for the factory. The new rig is awesome in that it pulls great. I am very impressed with the new setup. It is approximately 2000 lbs heavier than our old rig. We averaged 9.5 mpg through the hills of Tenn and Kentucky. The next day through the flats of Indiana, we averaged 10 mpg. I am excited that our mpg's are equal to what we were getting before.

Here at the factory, we arrived Tuesday early afternoon. They hooked us up to power and ran a hose so that we could add water to our tank for the evening. Early this morning, (6:00 a.m.) they arrived with the forklift to take our unit in for service. We gave them a list of stuff that needed to be done. They accomplished everything including the slide rollers except replacing the tile. They are coming again at 6:00 a.m. to take it back in to do the tile. Luckily, the tile is individual squares and not a solid sheet. We marked 13 squares that are scratched/gouged to be replaced. They said it would take most of tomorrow to get it done so we will spend one more night here and then hit the road Saturday morning to head back to Texas.

We really do love this unit. I've enclosed a few pictures.

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