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Sometimes Computers Get In The Way

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  • Sometimes Computers Get In The Way

    Yes, I use them every day for first one thing or another .... that said, there are times when I tend to believe we'd be better off if we used them less .... today I went to an Advance Auto Parts in Willis, TX .... they had 3 fellows working computers at the counter .... when one of them asked me what I needed, the conversation went something like this ....

    I need a small UNIVERSAL coolant overflow tank

    He responded, I need the make and model of your vehicle

    I told him I don't need a brand specific one, I want a UNIVERSAL one

    He again asked for the the make and model

    before I could say anything else, the customer beside me looked at him .... called by name and told him go to the table at the end of large shelf behind the counter and get a small one off of it

    the clerk did so and guess what ???? he came back with what I needed

    that clerk had no clue where to start without his computer telling him what part to go find

    somehow - sometimes we'd all be better off not depending on computers to do our thinking for us
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    Part of the trouble is, to work in a parts store, requires computer skills, yet you need absolutely No knowledge of the difference between a windshield wiper and a windshield washer tank.
    And even if you know the difference, without a computer, you don't know where to find it because of the computerized location system.
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      We used to have a parts man here in Katy at the NAPA that did not need the computer most of the time. I was rebuilding an old 1951 Ferguson tractor and I could walk in there with part in hand. He would look at it and go pull what I needed. Sometimes he had to use the computer to order a part, but he did not need it to look up a part number or where it was shelved. He retired, I miss his help.
      Ron Norton
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