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    the built in speakers in my Lenovo Yoga Laptop are weak at best .... while they are pretty clear, at full volume they are pretty much useless .... I've tried headphones that can be plugged in and they are much better .... the only thing is, I've found the cord to be aggravating / frustrating .... I have a wireless mouse that has some sort of antenna that plugs into a USB Port .... with that in mind I started looking for a cheap set of wireless headphones .... while looking at Amazon I noticed a pair of KVICIO $23 headphones .... given the word Bluetooth is prominently shown, all I focused on was wireless .... when I took them out of the box, I immediately noticed that there wasn't any sort of antenna .... searching through the small, folded many times, pamphlet which is written in ump'teen languages, I did find a few lines dedicated to hooking the headphones up to a phone .... finding how to connect them to my laptop took a bit more info .... eventually, I got them working but that was pretty much a matter of luck .... bottom line, they work well

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