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  • Smart phone junk calls

    My phone is also my business phone. I do business world wide. I have had the same number for the past 13 years I have been in business. Yesterday, I put a note on my website indicating I would no longer answer phone calls. I asked potential customers to leave a voice mail and that I would get back as soon as I could. Will this hurt business? Perhaps but....

    Yesterday I received 14 calls where the caller hung up after I answered with my name and business name and greeting. I have have called back quite a few times and found these were not legit phone numbers, either disconnected, or a message "all circuits busy" or just a busy signal. I am convinced this is the result of robo calling to see if someone answers when called. The robot then hangs up and logs MY phone number and puts it into a list to be sold to the highest bidding telemarketer.

    Tools to weed out this activity are out there but potentially will kill legit calls. I did what I thought best to avoid a zillion junk calls a day. I work with my hands and it is annoying and time wasting and when I am in my media blasting building, I don't carry the phone because it is gritty and kills phones in there and I also wear ear muff hearing protection and would not hear a phone. If the govt wanted to do something useful for a change, they would crack down on junk callers.... rant over!
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    my wife has a button on her phone that allows her to block calls from a specific number .... she does make use of it .... historically I get very few calls on my flip phone, hope that continues
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      I have several hundred blocked calls, hasn't helped. They spoof another number and keep going. A*&holes. Latest is the health insurance deal. I'm getting 4-5 calls a day. Mine is also a business phone so I can't afford to not answer...
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        One of the most annoying new twists is the ability of the spammers to leave voice mails without the phone even ringing. I get this type of junk voicemail from a "Coach BoB". Coach Bob is a pyramid scheme where this taped voice starts off telling me how to make $10K a week without doing anything. Oh, the price we pay for modern convenience!
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          I have started letting those callers go until the press 1 to speak to a representative and then I wast as much of their time a I possibly can until they start fishing for personal information. Then I say "I'm glad I could waste your time" and hang up. I only do that on my land line. I had spinal stenosis surgery and am still recovering so it gives me a little levity during the day.

          I had one of those "grandfather" scammers nearly crying a while back before he finally caught on and said "I hate you Grandpa" and hung up.
          It's fun being old and wise!

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