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Google Assistant now infests Dish TV

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  • JEBar
    as a matter of preference, we don't use any voice assist programs .... the more I read about it, the more I tend to believe that is a good choice for us

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  • wiredgeorge
    started a topic Google Assistant now infests Dish TV

    Google Assistant now infests Dish TV

    One of the features I enjoyed using Dish TV was the voice option for selecting channels. Dish has now partnered with the all pervasive Google and now to be able to use voice commands, it will be done through GOOGLE ASSISTANT. Their terms include a provision for sharing info with Google and its PARTNERS. They claim GOOGLE ASSISTANT will not monitor the customer except when the voice button on the remote is pushed. I personally don't trust Google for any reason. I also advise using DuckDuckGo as this is one of the least invasive search engines. Ever wonder why when doing research on a product or service you will see targeted advertising on non-related sites? Google compiles your search information via cookies and shares it with their shadowy "partners"!