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  • Omni Directional Antenna

    Our 2012 Allegro has an omni directional antenna on the roof. Little round disc mounted on a tri-pod. Reception is lacking and I think it is time for an update. When wind is blowing, you can hear it rattle around up there. Thinking of buying a Winegard Rayzar OTA antenna. Early models had a lot of bad reviews due to bad motors, but later models have good reviews. Anyone here have any experience with one of these? Other suggestions for a better antenna? Have no hole in roof for a bat wing and not wanting to drill one.
    Ron Norton
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    I've seen those antennas on some pretty high dollar rigs that if they didn't work, I'd imagine the owners would be pretty upset .... for us, we chose to go with DISH were we can get local channels as well as a satellite program passage
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