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    We dropped Direct TV and then second Dish TV after having each one for 2 years because they kept raising prices. When Dish TV reached $100 a month, and we carried NO premium channels, we dropped everything. We ended up giving away our receiver we moved back and forth from house to camper away, along with our Tailgater, and our original dish and tripod with all the wire. We went back to over-the-air television for a while, and then discovered our Ruko Television did magical things! We now have all Ruko televisions and stream everything for free (other than the cost of our internet package-provider). Our Montana High Country did not come with a smart television. We ended up purchasing two of those little $88 Roku televisions for the camper. I ended up using one for a second computer Monitor (since we are / were employed, work-from-home because of Covid, but decided to work-from-home in the camper traveling instead.) We still use over-the-air television, and I think the only paid streaming service we have is Amazon Prime. There's just way too many free streaming services "out there" to ever go back to a paid satellite service.


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      If looking for truly unlimited internet access, look into Visible. We went with Visible, purchased one of their cheep phone to use ONLY for internet access. We never use the phone as a phone. It vibrates all the time. I imagine the person who had that phone number has bill collectors calling for him/her. We never, never answer it. We use it JUST for internet access.

      Visible works fantastic, and it is truly unlimited. However, you can connect only 1 device. The work around is to purchase one of those very small tiny routers that plug into your phone, set it up, and then you can connect multiple devices to the router all at the same time, and every device runs great at the same time. And we've put it to the max.

      In theory, this is perfectly legit, considering only 1 device is truly connected to the phone. Everything else is connected to the device. It works, it's cheep, and it is truly unlimited. It's actually more stable and works better than our internet we have in the house. We do not have satallite internet. We do not have any cable television or cable internet service where we live, and the local phone company does not offer, provide, or allow DSL, and AT&T is blocked from coming into this area. So we depend on a line-of-site, microwave type internet system. Huges Net had too much lag time. We dropped them after 1 day. So the line-of-site was all we had for a few years, until we discovered Visible.

      It works, it's cheep, you can use it anywhere, its portable, it goes wherever your phone goes, and you won't be disappointed. Check it out before committing to your Verision or AT&T data plans.


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        Looked at the Visible website:

        The Visible Plan.
        Enjoy wireless service powered by Verizon, now with 5G for as low as $25/mo when you use Party Pay.
        You'll also score all the features included in our standard plan:
        One line of service Unlimited data Wifi calling on compatible devices Unlimited minutes and texts 5 Mbps wifi hotspot Calling & texting to Canada & Mexico

        In another place:

        All the hotspot usage you can handle.

        There’s no data limits on your hotspot usage, so feel free to stream wherever you are.

        If we picked up one of their Verizon phones and just used it as a hotspot how much does this cost and is there a contract? Additionally, have you connected a WiFi repeater in your camper which could be used by all the devices you have? I found their website a bit short on fine print but we have "unlimited data" that throttles at 30 or 35 gigs (as I recall). Last those coverage maps are a tad useless for campers; sometimes we have little signal with AT&T towers where they claim coverage due to hills and distance from towers, etc.
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