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  • Sunnybrook Owner - Changing Models

    I know there are many Sunnybrook owners here, I used to be here but got away from a lot of forums. Life just got too busy.But, I'm looking for a little input.

    As the owner of a 2006 Sunnybrook 3310 Solanta, I have been very happy with the quality. But, in anticipation of starting to winter down south this winter (delayed a year by covid) I want to switch to a fifth wheel for more room. I've looked at a few brands (Heartland for one - disappointed in the features) and though difficult to find I keep circling back to the Sunnybrook Titan 33ckts. Saw it new when it was available but that wasn't the time to switch.

    I will be putting the 3310 up for sale soon, don't need to sell it to buy the fifth wheel and I don't trade


    1) Are there idiosyncrasies about that model that I might want to know about?

    I passed on one today that the dealer was honest enough to tell me that there had been a few roof leaks. And, I'm waiting for info on a 2010 that is becoming available.

    2) Do I need an F350 Dually Diesel of will an F250 Dually Diesel do?

    The market sucks right now as to pricing and availability on them due to the covid induced chip shortage, and am trying to zero in on a nicely kept preowned 2017 model

    So, the input is greatly appreciated.



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    You don’t need a dually…but they are nice if an 8ft bed doesn’t bother you from an everyday driver aspect. At minimum… for these larger 5ers… a F350 single rear wheel is the ticket.

    I have a ‘21 F350 SRW Lariat diesel… it is a rockstar at pulling… and it handles the load well. Even still, I put air bags on it to help minimize the impact of rough roads. It pulls / rides like a dream w/ our 40’ Jayco 5er. My truck is my daily driver and being in the NW suburbs of Chicago… a dually with an 8’ bed is a pain in the butt.

    Only consideration left is slider or not.

    The ideal (in my mind)… F350 DRW diesel (new enough to have the pucks in the bed) + B&W hitch.

    Looking forward to seeing what you end up with…
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      My take? The Sunnybrook Titan 33CKTS gross weight is 15K lbs. The typical pin weight of a 5th wheel is 23 percent of the gross weight. This is a shade under 3500 lbs. When you add hitch, passengers and stuff in the truck you will be north of 4000 lbs weight on the truck. Open the door of your pickup and look at the yellow/white placard. It displays your payload. The payload on my one ton F350 is just under 4K lbs and I have an 8 ft bed crew cab with 6.0L 4x4 and a stripped model and would very likely be over my payload. If you ever have an accident and the insurance adjuster looks at your truck he will understand that you may be over your payload and this could cause issues. Last, I don't believe there is an F250 dually. I believe you would be far better off with a dually for that camper as most have a payload of at least 5K lbs. Having the power to pull that much trailer isn't the issue but payload is.
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        Check it out real good as whatever you get will be either used or possibly need renovating. I pulled my SB with a SRW. I just bought a 2017 F350 SB last year but am pulling a 2011 Jayco now.
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          The only real difference between the 250 and 350 is payload...both will pull fine and be within the tow ratings. The catch is the ability of the 250 to carry the pin weight and stay within ratings. As noted above, check the Tire and Information Loading sticker on the driver's door frame. It will give the max cargo capacity for that vehicle.
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