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    based out of Montgomery, TX we can give a solid, positive recommendation to Texas RV Traders Mobile RV Repair Service .... they run three trucks out of a central facility and their mobile serve is available in the Houston area .... their service call fee is $79 and charge $130 per hour .... based on reports from the management of our CG and our own past experience, those charges are in line with similar services in this area .... based on my time working in the RV industry, I may not be able to preform the repairs but I can most certainly tell when a tech knows what he is doing .... in the vein of the TV commercial where a fellow states he isn't a dentist, he is a dental monitor, I can highly recommend Doug, the partner who worked our our camper .... our repair involved removing a section of the camper's underbelly, removing wet insulation, locating and repairing a leaking joint in a gray water line, drying the area, replacing the insulation and underbelly material .... he completed the work in an hour and a half
    '06 SunnyBrook Titan 34BWKS
    '07 Freightliner Sportchassis
    '11 Chevy Silverado 1500
    '04 Sea Pro 180DC
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