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An educational book that reads like a novel

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  • An educational book that reads like a novel

    I read a lot and some books are so boring I would recommend them to insomniacs. Race to the Finish is not one of those. It is an engaging book that teaches the reader about the brain, concussions and treatment of them. Written by Dale Earnhart Jr. (Yes, I am a big fan of his), it chronicles his battles with concussions and the treatments that resulted in his being able to race in 2017 before retiring. A friend who teaches anatomy in high school is interested in using the book for her classes. Regardless of your ideas about NASCAR and your driver preferences, I do recommend that you read this especially if there are youngsters in the family engaged in contact sports.

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    After reading this post I bought the book late Wednesday, in PDF form and read it yesterday. It’s a good read even if you don’t care for Jr. The pressure to perform at any of the highly paid levels of sports can lead to people doing some pretty dumb things even though they know better. I didn’t know that a concussion can be treated in the ways that Jr., also known as Hammerhead, has explained in his book. I can see even people that are not in pro sports falling into the trap of thinking nothing is wrong, or can be done. I think a lot of contact sports are putting into place protocols for dealing with concussions or what looks like a concussion. Jr. Starts his narrator duties tonight for NBC at Daytona.
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      I just finished another book that is educational in a sense. Those Who Wander is a book by Vivian Ho about the homeless street people. While it seems most of the coverage these folks get is filled with disdain, she points out another aspect of the story. Her research discovered that most of these people are escaping dysfunctional homes and families. Many are drug and/or alcohol addicts. Others have been abused and molested. Some actually escaped that life and have gone on to try to help others who are homeless.
      She pointed out that the climate in California attracts many of them. I cannot say I felt pity for all the people she interviewed but I do understand a bit better how they came to that life.