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    Lately I have read a number of books about WWII. One, The Rabbit Girls, dealt with Dutch people being taken to concentration camps and never returning. It was disturbing to say the least. I am now reading The Dressmakers Gift about the French resistance. It too has parts that are disturbing but I think will have a better ending than the other book. I have another book on tap to read that my grand-daughter loaned me about English children that were sent to the country during the war. I know it won't be as disturbing. I keep reading these books because they are part of the history I have lived. I was born 5 months after Pearl Harbor and grew up listenng to what life was like during that time. Hopefully we have learned something and will never go through that again.
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    Yesterday I read a book my granddaughter loves: The War I Won about a young English girl during WWII. It is part of a 2 book series. She and I have read parts of both books together and then when she finishes them I read them. If you have a young granddaughter who loves to read these books are great. If you are a reader and share that with a grandchild, it is even more special.


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      :Last night I started a book that is the true story of a WWII draftee from Alabama. I have read enough of it yet to have a feel for the tone of it. I will let you know how it goes.