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Mother's Day 2020

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  • Mother's Day 2020

    just wondering .... how will the realities of life today affect Mother's Day for you .... ? ? ?

    for us, our family will be gathering as usual but it won't be the usual gathering .... this will be the first time we've all been together since early January and the first time we've seen our oldest son since then .... he's a doctor and as such has been exposed to the virus on almost a daily basis ... as such he's very reluctant to come around us .... we will be picking up food from two of our family's favorite restaurants, BoJangles and Smithfield Chicken and BBQ .... we plan to spread out our setup of camping chairs and TV trays in the back yard .... our older grandchildren understand the need for "social distancing" but we 2 year old and 4 year old grandsons will be a different story .. ..
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    Jim, do your best and hope for the best. Sounds like a great gathering. Bet you will all be ok, keep the doc in a phone booth...and thank him for being out there in the storm.
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      We went out for a 150 mile ride on the trike yesterday and had a great lunch at Pap's Italian Restaurant in Bandera. Most of the restaurants in Bandera County are now open. I guess there is some social distancing stuff in effect. Since we went in in early afternoon, not many folks in the restaurant. Today, our youngest is bringing a Mother's day lunch to the house but will just be dropping off as she works every day and is around a lot of people in a financial institution as a manager; she is manager of a couple of call centers. She is big on the distancing thing.

      We are off to church this morning for the first time in a long time; first day the Lakehills Baptist church is having in sanctuary services for quite awhile.
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