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Spray Bottle Failure

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  • Spray Bottle Failure

    I normally carry spray bottles in a bucket in the bed of my truck. Windex, Awesome and Clorox Clean-up.

    On my last trip from Texas to Colorado and back, two of the three bottles failed and spilled their contents (Clorox Clean-up and Awesome). I also discovered the galvanized pail did not contain the spills and it was a dried mess in the truck bed. Luckily, the bleach and cleaner did not get on anything but the Line-X bed liner and it cleaned up easily.

    I do not know if it was the heat inside my enclosed truck bed or the altitude, or both that caused the bottles to fail. The Windex was in a thick plastic bottle and it did OK. The other two were thin walled plastic bottles.

    We started at 430' above sea level and went through passes exceeding 10,000'. We drove trough areas with ambient temps ranging from 105 to 50 degrees. No telling how hot it got inside the bed while in the sun.

    I'll either put all the cleaners in thick walled containers or leave them home next time.
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    Thicker walls should help.
    The change in altitude probably did it.
    The pressure inside the containers was to much for those thin walled bottles.
    If you could keep them upright and just loosen the caps a little it should work ok.
    Even if they were completely full would be better.
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      I had the same problem with my "detail/clean-up" bucket (a heavy duty plastic one) that I carry from the valley floor at 35' to our favorite campground in the Sierra at 6,500'. My solution was to carry the bottles with open spray nozzles, and--shazzam--no more damaged, leaking, or mis-shapen bottles.


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        Potato Chips

        The potato chip bags never make it if purchased in Austin, TX and driven to the lower foothills of New Mexico or Colorado. Those that don't pop their seal, will blow as soon as picked up.

        My bet is the pressure build up in the bottles pushed it out of the nozzles, no matter if it was thin or thick walled bottles.
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