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    I keep all my keys for all my trailers on one key ring along with the fob for the Big Foot leveling system which maybe a good idea or not. I was in a hurry and running late the other morning and hooking up to a utility trailer and could not get the lock on the hitch to close. Took the key out of the lock and laid them on the rear bumper.
    When I went to open the trailer I was a little mad to say the least. Borrowed a grinder from one of the guys in the shop and made short work of the Master boron lock on the door only to remember I had an extra key for that in the truck just as I was finishing it off.
    Shirley found that there are still lots of nice people in the world that afternoon as she was out walking up and down the road in the rain about a half mile from the house looking for keys. Her reward below.
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    I think some jewelry (Jared's has a good selection) is also in order!!

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      LOL Frustration gets the best of us. We now have all camper/ trailer related keys on lanyards for this reason. We don't put them down just around our neck. I openly admit leaving the keys in the door going down the road after a quick potty/snack break one trip.... Seeing as we only carried one set that trip David flipped out till Cole pointed to the door and said mom left them in the door. Thankfully we had a game plan if they were lost or so forth, our toy door only had a drop lock on it that we could of cut off, then used that as an in and out door... not practical but would of worked in a pinch.

      Thankfully your married to a wonderful woman who apparently will cover all of creation helping fix your mistakes. You got yourself a real winner. You best get her a lasting gift too But the flowers sure were pretty, nice way to get all colors to cover a wide range of moods

      I'm glad to hear the keys were recovered that would of been a headache to say the least.
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