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Westpointe - First Trip & Initial Thoughts

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  • Westpointe - First Trip & Initial Thoughts

    So, the first trip was a break in and learning 3 day trip over Memorial Day weekend, visiting Annapolis and Baltimore Harbor. Always favorite stops for us

    It was our Grandson's first camping trip and he didn't even ask for TV. (Thankfully, there was no cable tv at this campground and we warned him about that)

    But the entertainment system needs to be studied and figured out still - It's a bit complicated with surround ect

    Anyway, we wore each other out.

    Wonderful part of the trip was seeing the Blessing Of The Bikes again at the Capitol KOA in Maryland. Except for two covid years, this has taken place every Memorial Day weekend at Capital KOA (as well as across the nation) on Memorial Day Weekend ahead of the Motorcycle Ride through Washington DC as part of Rolling To Remember our lost Veterans. ALWAYS a moving experience

    More important, a Westpointe learning experience for us

    Initial Observations
    1. Definitely great quality and features on the Westpointe
    2. Unfortunately, there is no broom closet.
      1. Since we've always used a campground laundry, I'm going to remove the never used washer and dryer and sell them, turning it into a closet for longer trips
    3. I don't know how it is with other 5th wheels but the two switches for the jacks seem troublesome.
      1. Have to hold both down to get jacks down evenly. Am told most fivers have only one switch for both jacks. Might have to see if I can change that
    4. Ran into a problem with the 12 volt system. Lost about 1/3 of the 12 volt lights. Could be the converter. Being checked out
    5. Thus, with only one battery, it didn't get charged and I had to use 120 volt to raise and lower the jacks
      1. Unfortunately, my new F350 isn't charging the battery on the rig because apparently I am missing a relay. Hadn't had time to leave it at the shop, but going in for an oil change this week and will have to check that out
      2. Might look at seeing if there is room to install a 2nd battery
    6. DO NOT like the electric steps. It has this 2 inch lip that you step on as you go out the door, kind of tricking your foot. IMHO, dangerous design
      1. Going to investigate changing that to a safer pull down step for us old farts.
    Next trip is a two week trip up to Maine as long as the 12 volt situation is resolved. Saying prayers, stay tuned

    284691441_1860726694118906_3834607737864710146_n.jpg 284986133_1860430394148536_4061870142758936607_n.jpg

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    excellent report .... looking forward to future ones
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      The kinks will work out, we all experience them on a different unit.
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