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Midwest Blizzard 2011

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    I went the bag route....watched Ebay for months picking up nylon and canvas zippered bags...Now my grill tools, fire ring tools, wheel & tire tools, etc. each have their own bag labelled on the o/s for ease of access...
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      The forecasts for Sioux City, Oklahoma City, and Gordonville, are starting to look better for the next few days. I am encouraged.

      When I took our SB to Capital RV in Bismarck this morning, I was somewhat surprised when I told the guy there who I was and that I had scheduled with "Paul" to have our camper in for brake adjustment and for it to be kept inside overnight to "warm up". "Jim" told me that they weren't supposed to be doing any service this weekend as they were doing a special showing of their new campers and they were using the service bays to display campers.

      I could see my name on the service schedule sheet, and the notation for "brake check", and I questioned him about it. Jim finally said he could get it in.

      I asked about the arrangement I had made with Paul about keeping our unit inside overnight, and Jim said he didn't know what Paul was thinking when he made the appointment, and that was not possible. I didn't see Paul anywhere around.

      As we were getting the paperwork done, Jim looked out the window, saw our unit and said, "so, you have a SunnyBrook?" and when I said "Yes", he asked, "Who makes that?" I did a double take, and hesitated just a second or two, and finally asked, "What?', and he said, again, "Who makes that, Keystone?". I said, "No, SunnyBrook made that one."

      When he said he had never heard of them, I knew, even though "Paul" may not have known what he was doing, today I was not dealing with the sharpest knife in the drawer, either. I was sure he probably didn't know too much about Keystone either, since this dealership seems to have a lot of them on their showroom floor.

      Not having any other option available to me today, I did leave the camper there, and think I arranged for it to be parked outside overnight on their lot, and we will be able to pick it up on the first leg of our trip to Lake Texoma tomorrow. At least I hope "Jim" was able to authorize that. It is probably a good thing that Paul wasn't there.

      We plan to arrive at their place a half hour before they open, and to be hooked up and ready to hit the road as soon as someone shows up for me to pay the bill. I kind of hope it is Jim who I get to see tomorrow.
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        Hey everyone take another look at these snow pictures and think cool it has been a very hot humid summer 2016
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