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Battery operated transportation devices on DNR properties

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  • Battery operated transportation devices on DNR properties

    The Indiana DNR has banned any battery operated transportation device from all DNR properties. (I do not know if that also applies to EV automobiles, but probably not). ... This includes State Parks and State Recitational Areas.

    This includes those battery operated cars for small children with those annoying hard plastic wheels, hover boards, hover boards with the scooter that can be sat on, E-bikes, and all golf carts. The only exception to golf carts is, you must be over 65 years old AND you must be disabled AND they must be properly licensed AND they can ONLY be used inside the campground.

    BUT, at this point, not all Indiana properties are enforcing this yet. Some properties are on it like a heart beat, others are blind to it. It's not consistent yet.

    When asked why, evidently a child was run over by a vehicle and killed some time back at one of the Indiana State Parks when on one of those scooter type hover boards. The end result, anything battery operated is now not permitted on the DNR roads.

    Again, it's the new rule in Indiana, but it's not being enforced everywhere (yet). I suppose another serious incident has to occur before the DNR and the state go serious about this.

    Just an FYI if you camp at any Indiana DNR property.

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    interesting .... we have no plans to be in Indiana at any time in the future .... that said, I'm looking forward to hearing "The rest of the story."
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      Read on another forum where National Parks are banning the E-Bikes from trails. Not sure the motivation for this but it appears folks with limited mobility will have a harder time getting to their favorite fishing spots. And you mentioned a license for a golf cart? What kind of license would a golf cart need?
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        I apologize up front, and I'm truly sorry to hear about the death of a child for any reason, but I'm missing something here, the child is killed while on a skateboard, hoverboard, or whatever, so why aren't vehicles outlawed, or drivers at least.
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          Being a camphost at a state park for several seasons--we constantly have to notify parents that their children are moving dangerously (to them) on their toy motorized item. All the mentioned gadgets allow the children to scoot around on park roads that are used by adults that don't adhere to the speed limits. Add to this, the children usually have no idea or training in proper movement on an open highway. Most of the mentioned units are not allowed, but that doesn't register with many PARENTS, or they choose to be the exception to the rule. Most of our campsites are separated by a privacy hedge/bush and the children run/drive/scoot below the sight line. Have had several close calls. It is a tough situation, and best resolution is to not allow the use of these type motorized units. No way to account for all/every thing the public can come up with--so have to ban them all. And, yes, the parents/adults are occasionally cited for not obeying the rules.

          bukhrn--we could always close the parks and save everyone...
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