The Louisville North Campground is actually (literally) just across the river in Clarksville, IN (off Exit 1). Apparently, it used to be a KOA, but isn't anymore. We're glad it's only for a week. The good news is that we're really close to the things we'll do while we're here this week. We do have FHU w 50-amp service, and we have a pull-through site that's long enough for us to have parking on our site, although, if the campground fills up, it might be hard to slip into our parking place.

The people we've come in contact with in the office are all very nice.

The bad news is that the sites are REALLY close together. I am about four inches or so from being able to reach the neighbor's slide. Anyone taller would be able to reach. The road, while paved, are a bit narrow, and as I mentioned in my FB post, if you don't swing wide around the end of the office (which is also the gas station), you'll hit the corner of the building. Also, the neighbor's power pole is on our site (I did not hit that and tip it over, by the way). So if you have a slide on that side, you would have to watch how far you pull up.

Other negatives - train on the other side of the fence that goes through mostly at night. Good thing the AC in our bedroom covers most of the sound, and we've been able to sleep through most of it. We did have a very rude awakening in the wee hours of the morning though when the horn was blasted as it went by (first time since we've been here, so we're assuming it's not normal). It sounded like it was coming right through the rig. :O

The outside ring seem to be permanent people, although the park is clean, and there doesn't seem to be a lot of junk around.

No grass here. But there is a very nice park across the road with a paved path for walking. So at least we have space to walk.

To our notion, it's too much money for too many negatives. There is diesel at the gas station though.