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Matson's Campground - Manistee, MI

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  • Matson's Campground - Manistee, MI

    The people at Matson's Campground on the Big Manistee River were very, very nice. However, for the first time ever (the 12 years we've had our rig), we pulled in an out of a campground within an hour of arrival. I'd made the reservation well in advance, and was assured that the site was large enough for us. But when we got there, as Dan would put it, "we couldn't have gotten in with three shoe horns." They had recently taken two sites and turned it into one longer site. But they failed to take the two critical trees out of the way, and there was no way in this, or any other lifetime, that we'd get around the first tree and into our site, and then between the next set of trees to get out. When we first arrived, the people in the site next to us had taken over our site for a tent and their kayaks, and a host of other camping stuff, and at least they were still there when we arrived. But they were just about to pull out to go kayaking for the day. Even if the people across the road had been there, moving their cars wouldn't have helped. This campground isn't meant for anything larger than 30 feet, and that's probably stretching it. Campers are sitting right on top of each other. We would have literally been able to pass food to the camper next to us, and our door would have been facing their door, which as you have probably already guessed, the hook-ups were on the wrong side.
    The wife was at the desk when we went to check out, and she was very nice, and gave us a full refund (usually don't refund the one-day deposits).

    We did get lucky and found a place two hours up the road (not really in our plans, but it worked out).

    Dan & Zerelda Hammer
    Pensacola, FL
    SB 2006 - 34 BWKS
    2016 Dodge Diesel - 3500

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    thanks for the report, a CG we can mark off of our list .... link to above CG ===>
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