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Lickdale Campground - Near Hershey, PA

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  • Lickdale Campground - Near Hershey, PA

    The Lickdale Campground, about 15-20 minutes from Hershey, PA is not a bad campground. Follow directions on their website, and get off the Interstate at exit 90.

    During the time we were there (mid to the end of April), a lot of Canadians were on their way home. So every day, except the weekends, were like the tide coming in and going out. But they have been some of the nicest people we've met along the way. The weekends were filled with mostly locals out to spend time with their families.

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    The reviews say how run down the campground is, and to be fair, the buildings by the river don't look all that good on the outside. The old office is one of those buildings. They have a new office/store closer to the road now. However, the owner stopped his work to talk to us one evening, and he explained about the markings on the buildings. They have had quite a few floods since 2004. In the fall of 2011, the water was about 3/4 of the way up the old office building. Reviews also mention the owner's horses, and the smell, but to be perfectly honest, neither of us noticed it, even when we walked on the path right in front of the horses -and I have an excellent sense of smell. You can see some of the remnents of the flood (including damaged RV's that weren't moved before the flooding) at the back of the campground, but for most of the campers, it's hidden behind the trees that border the camping area. I can tell you that the owner spent almost all of his time during the day working on the campground, getting it ready for peak season.

    If you look at the picture of the old office, you can see the date and the name of the flood (Lee - 2011). That is how high the water got.

    While the toilet & bath house is an older building (also in the flood zone), you can see that they do all they can to keep it clean. I would think that only those who are obsessive probably wouldn't use it. Other might choose to wear shower shoes. But it got a lot of use when the campground was full.

    They do have a laundry room, which was simple, clean, but nice. There was actually a place to sit at a table if you wanted to wait. When we were there, the first time I wanted to wash my big heavy quilt, there was a problem with the washers filling, but they had that fixed. But they still only had cold water when I went to wash my throw rugs just before we left. The W/D were clean, which is nice. No wondering what was in them before I tossed my stuff in. If memory serves, it was $1.50 to wash, and I think the same to dry.

    The roads are gravel, and the sites are gravel/grass, all level or nearly so.

    The CG offers 50 E/W/S... pull-through and back-in sites. Interestingly, they have sites where you park your rig parallel to the river. I'm not sure how large a rig can do that (length), but it was wide enough for all the slides people had out. Your door also faces the river, and you have your own personal pad for your table & steps that lead to the river. A great veiw. It probably costs more too.

    There is plenty of space to walk dogs, and there is a great playground that is just about in the middle of the campground. The bike path looks like a work in progress since the flood. I think they're trying to turn it into something more "interesting" for kids on their bikes.

    There is a walking path, about 2 miles, that leads to a place that connects to the Appalachian Trail. Instead of walking the two miles there, we parked the truck close to the trail, and walked a couple of miles of the trail, just to say we did.

    The river was too low to kayak while we were there, but we saw people fishing at the river.

    They have not (as of this writing) repaired their miniature golf course up by the new office.

    We never met the wife; however, all but one of the office workers were very nice/helpful - and who knows - maybe she just didn't feel well that day.

    The office/store sells ice cream cones, so you often see people sitting up on the porch visiting and enjoying their ice cream. They also have very good coffee - about four or five choices, almost any time of day, until just before closing. They carry bread, eggs, milk, and some other basics too.

    Do NOT buy the "broaster" chicken. It was dried out, and truthfully, not very flavorful.

    Right behind the campground is a gas station (diesel too) that has Godfather's Pizza, which we had one evening after a long day. It was actually quite good (they make it right there). They also have Dunkin' Donuts, and a "subway" sandwich shop (can't remember which one). There is also a Wendy's on the opposite corner.

    I had internet access while there. Dan's phone worked at the site, but I had to take mine up to the office to get service. Go figure...

    We would stay here again if the need arose...

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    Dan & Zerelda Hammer
    Pensacola, FL
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    Flood Line

    I think I forgot to mention that the reason I took a picture of the old office is that the flood line is marked on the corner of the building.

    Dan & Zerelda Hammer
    Pensacola, FL
    SB 2006 - 34 BWKS
    2016 Dodge Diesel - 3500