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Texas State Parks 2019 Reservation system

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  • Texas State Parks 2019 Reservation system

    In April 2019 , I was finally able to use the online system to book a specific site, decided on Lake Tawakoni SP. Overall was not too hard to use. was able to see sites available for dates selected. Spoke to current park hosts and here is the report, so far this park has not had problems with people pulling into sites with a R (Reserved) sign, They are easy to see. Some twists, but not big ones, If say site 1 is your favorite spot , you can make that your spot all weekends in summer (You can make most overnight camping or lodging reservations up to five months in advance.) Now the twist: They collect a equal to the total cost of the reservation, including entrance fees. so if you book say 10 nights at $25 a night they collect the $250 plus entrance fees (unless you have a park pass) So 2 people at $10 a day is another $100. Negative we found, we had booked 3 nights, decided to try for 4 one day after arrival but would have to move for day 4 as site was reserved. Not a big thing if you want to hook up and move.

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    Have now spent 7 weeks as a park host in a Texas state park with the rules. (August 2019)They are working fine. We had one guest who stayed beyond 12 noon check out, but moved when asked and no sites were occupied by someone not on the reservation