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    A few years back we visited some friends at a campground in the Arlington area. It was right there on the little river that flows throw the city. Their kids inner tubed down to the bridge and got picked up by their folks in the parking lot so it was about a mile or so down the road. I can't find the name of it anywhere. Here is the kicker. It is not Twin Rivers state park though. This place was huge and everyone was spread out. The site they had they shared with some distant relatives and had a small bathhouse in between them as did most of the sites. I think it was private owned but I am not sure. Sounded like you could rent yearly as well which is what we are looking for.....a place to pull the trailer to in the spring and leave till the fall and visit every weekend or so to save on our beloved price tag of $4.40 (and climbing) a gallon diesel. Any one have any ideas or have an idea of anything like it where you can rent yearly and not have to worry about sneezing too loud and the neighbors hearing you?

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    not have to worry about sneezing too loud and the neighbors hearing you?

    Sounds about what we like as well.
    $4.40 per gallon!
    Where are you buying fuel?
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      I just grew up camping in spots where you had some kind of space and privacy around you but apparently most spots up here in Washington don't believe in that.

      Getting it on the Navy base as it is the cheapest. Off island is worse than that. Pac Norwest always gets the shaft with fuel prices in the Spring/Summer.