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Is 4 wheel drive needed?

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  • Is 4 wheel drive needed?

    I have a f250 with a 5.4 gas 4x4 ,looking forward to a 5th wheel and boondocking and state park camping . Bigger trucks are much cheaper if not 4 wheel drive , you without it how often have you needed it? Got parked and got rained in? Soft ground off the beaten track?

    South Dakota
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    I may not be the best one to answer, but I have never needed a 4WD in two one ton trucks. Granted, I don't boon dock but very little. This is one of those decisions that can be wrong only if you get stuck somewhere. I try to avoid those spots when camping.

    BTW, welcome to the forum. Glad to see you jumping right in. Lots of friendly campers here.
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      Welcome to the site.
      well as most people will say you don't need it until you need it
      i have a 4x4 and always have.(daily driver) in 8 years of camping i have only used it two times at a campground. would i say its a must?, NO would i say its nice to have,? YES. would i buy a 4x2 if its what my budget will allow?, YES. just make sure it has a limited slip rear
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        Originally posted by pinetree View Post
        I have a f250 with a 5.4 gas 4x4 ,looking forward to a 5th wheel and boondocking and state park camping . Bigger trucks are much cheaper if not 4 wheel drive , you without it how often have you needed it? Got parked and got rained in? Soft ground off the beaten track?

        South Dakota
        Still using a 18 ft Mallard from the kids 4-H days

        I would say that a 4 X 4 would have a better resale value and easier to sell in South Dakota. I hear they get a little bit of snow there in there short winters.

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          I use it on many of the forest service and back county roads that we use to get to the off road areas that we frequent. Reason is those roads are badly wash boarded and the 4x4 helps take the chatter out. This season has also been another story as it has been very wet this year, on two occasions it was handy but may not have been needed. One other occasion we had a large rig pulled by a medium duty that missed our site and subsequently got stuck turning around. We ended up leaving him there over night in a large Mote but was able to get him out the next morning we the help of two trucks.

          You never know when you will need it it's just a matter of time, and in ND that time may come sooner than you might think. Consider resale value you will get that money back especially in the northern states with ranches and SNOW.

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            I've heard it said a 4 wheel drive truck will get farther than a 2 wheel drive truck before it gets stuck and when it gets stuck, it's farther off the road.

            That being said, I have a 4 wheel drive truck. I've used 4wd a few times on wet grass, soft dirt, sand, etc. When the back tires are just digging holes, it's great to have that button on the dash. I also used 4wd to pull a 2wd truck out of the mud at a park in Slidell, LA this spring.
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              Every truck I have owned has been 4wd. Some of the CG's I go to have steep gravel roads and 2wd will not get me there. My vote is 4wd all the way.

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                I've had and have both, and I live in an area that gets a fair amount of snow. I have never-ever needed 4WD. I drove an E-350 with the trailer attached once where the tires were 6-8 inches deep into mud, and I made it through. I've never been stuck, but I do buy good gripping tires for my 2WD vehicles. All that being said, I like having 4WD cause its cool.
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                  It's kind of like a slider hitch...better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. I used 4WD earlier this spring when it rained overnight and the grass was wet, the ground was soft.




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                    I've always (~11 years) towed with 4x4's. Probably haven't REALLY needed it more than 3 or 4 times but when I needed it I needed it badly.

                    I'd say its one of those things that is worth having but if I found myself forced to give something up to stay within budget it would be near the top of the list.

                    Then I'd get a good tow service plan.
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                      If you're not going to use it to pull a boat up a boat ramp or a trailer up a hill of loose gravel, you might not ever need 4 wheel drive. If I'm paying out good money for a truck, I'm going to want to have 4-wheel drive available or it compromises the versatility of the truck.
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                        I've never had to use my 4wd for myself. I have had to use it to pull more than a few 4x2 trucks & trailers out of the sand or mud.

                        Like others have said, I'd rather have it and not need it that need it and not have it.
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                          over the years there have been many times I've needed it for a few feet and at those times it made things much easier ..... one time I needed it for over 1,200 miles and having it sure made things much easier .... in short it is the only feature that was on my last truck that isn't on my current one that I'd really like to have

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                            Never say Never

                            On previous post I commented I never had used 4-wheel drive in 3 yrs pulling RV. Well this last weekend we where invited to stay at Lakes Shore lot they just purchased put in a 500-foot dirt road with 2 nasty 90 degree turns and cleared out platform area by the lake. Got in okay but after ½ hour trying to turn the rv around. I finally drove off platform area and drove down the hill I had to use the 4-wheel see pic where the screen tent (see pic) was area drove of the platform in order to turn rv around.

                            Having TwoWayRadios, 4-wheel drive, Diesel, hand saw, shovel and lots patience, we turned it around. The only thing we could have used was Chain Saw
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                              4WD is one thing but low range (in the transfer case) adds a whole new dimension to control at low speeds. Especially for backing up or maneuvering up a steep grade. Unless you've tried it you don't know what yer missing.

                              Unless your destination requires the need for 4WD it's probably not necessary. On the other hand, I refuse to own a 2WD truck. :nope: To me that's only half a truck.

                              One option you may consider, while there is no hard fast rule for this, you could always add a winch to a 2WD truck to aid in the unsticking of yer rig if the need should arise. :alright: :cool_0::whistle:
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