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    we have a 500 gallon propane tank at our home .... it provides propane for our house's instant hot water system .... in addition, we attach a rubber hose from it to our camper .... during power outages, we fire the camper's generator and move in .... rather than winterizing, we also leave the camper's propane furnace on during sub freezing temps .... about every three or so years we have it filled .... last week the propane level in the tank fell below 40% so we called and arranged to have it filled .... the last time we filled it, propane cost us about $1.25 a gallon .... this time, it cost $2.93 a gallon .... so, 234.5 gallons cost us $689.09 + $48.81 for state and local taxes = $736.90 .. .... lets just say, that was most certainly a jolt
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    We saw an increase in our natural gas cost too.. What I really fear is that this price jump wont go down. They say its "due to covid" but will they drop it when Covid is gone..... I don't think so.
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      The best time to buy larger amounts of propane is in the off season. Propane has gone up. One of my family members has a 1,000 gallon tank. They topped it off in July of 21 and paid $1.38 a gallon. This was in Indiana so not a direct comparison to where you are but you get the idea. Timing your buy will help a bunch.
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        absolutely .... we prefer to fill in the summer but we are usually in South Dakota at that time .... hopefully it will be a few years before we have to fill it again
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        '07 Freightliner Sportchassis
        '11 Chevy Silverado 1500
        '24 Chevy Blazer RS


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          I'm afraid it's only going to get worse. And I'm thinking it's not covid related, more like Brandon related!!!!!
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            Poor Brandon! Gets blamed for everything... he ran on two things. 1. Get the china flu licked. 2. Unite the country. He has bungled #1 but he has certainly succeeded on #2. Look at the public opinion polls. 70 percent of Americans are now all together!
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