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First winter with the RV stored away from the house

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  • First winter with the RV stored away from the house

    This past winter was the first year we stored the RV away from the house. And boy was it a doozy. The rain came down and the river came up. Our girl stayed safe and dry but she was on a little island surrounded by water. We stressed about that situation a lot. However were back to camping season. Were hoping to get more time this season then last season.
    Everyones doing well. Nothing crazy going on, and boy and I thankful for that nice break for a while.
    We have been so focused on fine tuning the house that we haven't found projects for the RV. I so desperately want to change the hanging rod in the closet though so I've gotta research that. Any helpful pointers would be awesome. Currently we have those holes that look like A's on a bar that goes across. And I like to slide my clothes as I look though them... Yes even camping clothes. But I know it's a project and will require the doors to come off and power tools so that means I gotta pass the buck to David. So my goal is to get all the answers before I go asking him so I can make it seem like "It's no big deal". It's ok to admit each of you have been there. Women are really good at this kind of thing. I mean we talk ourselves into wearing heals it's easy to talk a man into playing with power tools.
    Cole is going great at his new job. He seems super happy and has been able to purchase himself a nice new truck.... Yes, it's a Ford. F=150. He's really proud of himself and we are too.
    My parents are healthy and doing well. Davids mom is and always will be dealing with blood issues. Her body no longer produces red blood cells so from time to time she has to have infusions for blood and iron. She's had two this past week but is doing really well despite that.
    We are really enjoying the full time spot. We moved the camper a little to the right on our site this year and I told David I didn't miss all the hoopla of when we traveled and did all the extra. However I think if we were traveling and doing extended stays we would be ok with all the extra hoopla to see the US from coast to coast. We have been debating on selling/ trading the 450. We are trying to continue to justify keeping it when we no longer use it but for driving to and from work. But it's been hard to pull the trigger so to speak bc we don't know what to replace it with. Or if it makes solid sense. We don't see us going back to travel camping until full retirement. I can't get more then weekends off for work and the idea that we only get to enjoy a few days and lots of work to do it, vs driving up unlocking the door and bringing in groceries and having the entire time with no early check out or late check in, it keeps us pulling for the full time site life.

    Well that's the update blast from me. I hope everyone is doing well. I've gotta go skim over the latest post and see all the fun I've missed.
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    hoping to make memories that last a lifetime, and shared over the campfire.

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    Whew, that's a mouthful. Good to hear from you again. I guess you hibernated during the winter. We haven't done much camping over the winter but hopefully in the June-July time-frame we can get back into it.
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