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    OK, its been decades since I've done any shooting or hunting .... today I stopped by Kones Korners (thread in SD area) and left totally confused .... I guess I shouldn't be surprised at how much everything from the firearms themselves to the ammunition fired in them has gone up because everything else has .... but talk about sticker shock :jawdrop: , seeing 20 Round Box of .300 Weatherby Magnum rounds with Nosler Partition 180 Grain bullets priced at nearly $70 was beyond anything I expected .... seeing used (and I mean used) shotguns going for $800 left me wondering if folks really pay such prices .... if I was going to be doing any amount of serious shooting or hunting, the only way I can see doing so it load your own ammo

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    Same here.
    Checked on a box of .357 mag. at the Academy and almost fell down.
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      Being the country type... We know guys who are still able to make money doing reloads. Having family that do it makes it pretty nice for us. But in some cases reloads are not an option.

      We mainly use reloads to play tag with coons and possums. But hand guns are not something we prefer to leave to anything but the best. We search regularly for them to go on sale and buy in bulk and usually get a pretty good deal. In most cases family all have the same calibers so bulk works out well for us.

      As far as gun prices they have gone up. But no way would anyone I know pay 800 for anything used unless it had belonged to some famous redneck...... and then only if they could hang it in the truck window, and thats now frowned apon.
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        Man, prices like could cause a heart attack. I am forever more glad I have lost in the terrible boat accident down at Pandale on the Pecos where I also lost all three of my custom rifles, all shotguns and pistols, my 2000 primers, 11 lbs of powder, 15 boxes of new brass. Never will understand why I had all that in the boat, but oh well. (A.G. Holder if you are reading this, the water is about 90 feet deep and the Pandale Fire and Rescue diver could not find them.)
        I guess I will just have to do without.

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          Ammo prices are a killer but my normal trip to the indoor handgun range usually consists of me taking along 3 or 4 handguns. I have my Kahr PM9 which is my every day gun, I sometimes take along either my S&W Model 49 bodyguard in .38 special or a vintage Charter Arms Under Cover in .38 Special. My favorite is my Ruger Blackhawk convertible in .357/9mm which I usually just run it with the 9mm cylinder in it at the range and then I also take my Ruger 22/45 in 22LR.
          I usually start out running some 9mm bulk ammo through my Kahr PM9 and My Ruger Black hawk because bulk packs of federal or winchester 9mm can be had a good price. I don't shoot a lot through the .38's due to the ammo prices just enough to stay proficient. Then the bulk of my range session is spent shooting the 22. Some people might be surprised at how developing good habits while shooting a 22 pistol translates over to shooting larger caliber handguns. Not to mention it's quite inexpensive to put a couple hundred rounds of 22 down range in one session.
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