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    link to a well balanced, clearly reasoned article on selecting a handgun :
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    I carried a S&W Model 19 4" for most of my years on the street(19). Complete with a 12 round bandolier (standard issue was 6) and later speed loaders. Since we used wheel guns in competition I was very comfortable with it and reloading and accuracy was no problem. I still have it but the 9mm is just easier to carry concealed and since I have several to choose from I don't need an all purpose.

    Very nice article.
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      I own and shoot several different semi auto pistols. .380, 9mm, 357, 7.62 X 25, 44 special and mag, as well as .45 ACP to name a few. for daily concealed carry I usually opt for a Rossi Mod. 720 3 inch barrel .44 special, 285 JHP @ 1150 FPS.

      On very hot, rainey and uncomfortable day's, common here in SW Floriduh, My fall back is a Keltec PF-9, poly / hard chrome, 9MM S/S barrel, pretty damn resistant to sweat and rain and a bit over half the weight of the S/S Rossi. For swamp/woods duty, a S&W 629, stainless,.44 Mag. 6 inch gets the nod every time. A 350 grain jacketed hollow point at over 1500 FPS will get 'er done, every time.

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