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    Here are some pictures of the BRGC that I promised. As noted it took a direct hit from the EF4 Tornado that went thru Canton in April. They are rebuilding rapidly and will be really nice when finished. Pictures are of the Rifle and Pistol ranges, I didn't go to the IDPA ranges or the Rimfire range.

    1452 is the 50YD Pistol range with Steel targets, 1453 is the steel plates and silhouette targets at 20 yds. The blue line is the reset rope to stand them back up. 1457 is the 500yd rifle range. The first 2 targets are 100yd (L & R) then 200yd (L & R w 18" steel disk), then 300yd (L w 18" disk), then 400yd (R w/ 18" disk and hog). Then 500 yd with 7 disks 18, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3" With a deer. All ranges have a the black target holder for the paper targets. 1458 is a closeup of the 500yd setup. 1456 is the overall view from the firing line. The first target on the left is the 35yd sight-in then 100,200,300,400,500. 1455 is Millie sitting at the firing line. There are 9 concrete benches available. The Rimfire range (covered) is 25yd and has 3 concrete benches. There is also a 75yd Black powder range with 1 bench.

    They supply targets and hearing protectors. They have a Caldwell Lead Sled and several decent spotting scopes also.

    As a side note I was looking around for bench rest shooting info and found a range SW of DFW that goes out to 2400yds. A bit pricy for me but amazing. Shoot, remove hearing protectors, and listen for gong. If your ears are good enough. I didn't calculate it but it's over 3 seconds flight time.

    Jim (or anyone else) you get down this way and we can go have fun.... It's open daylight to dark 363 days a year

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    I'd really enjoy that .... invitation appreciated .... just checked Google Maps and it is located about 173 miles from our closest usual location in Texas ..... unfortunately, that would be a bit much (not to mention expensive) in our truck ....
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