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  • Crimping

    does anyone have any positive or negative experience with crimping bullets that do not have a cantilever groove .. .. LEE makes a crimp die for both 30-06 and 308 .... we load both of these calibers and none of the bullets we use have a cantilever groove .... the info that comes with the dies says crimping these bullets improves accuracy and performance .... recommendations based on experience would be greatly appreciated
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    I have a few of the LEE factory crimp dies in my collection. I don't believe crimping improves anything other than bullet retention which can be important. I believe that retention is the reason LEE claims improvement simply because from an overall perspective without crimping many firearms will cause bullet movement in unfired rounds held in magazines. I use those dies on hard kicking rounds where I intend to have several rounds retained in a magazine. But with that said bench rest shooters never crimp and they hold all the records on accuracy.
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