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Wheeler Professional Laser Bore Sighter

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  • Wheeler Professional Laser Bore Sighter

    ordered on Friday, April 5th, delivered on Sunday the 7th .... Amazon done did good on this one .. .. the mount of our Aimpoint on our Ruger Redhawk worked loose during our recent trip to Texas .... after the Wheeler Laser Bore Sighter arrived I totally removed the Aimpoint .... cleaned the underside of the Aimpoint and the rail on the Ruger .... moved the Aimpoint back one notch and reinstalled it .... turned the Wheeler on and, as advertised, the green laser is very bright .... turned the Aimpoint on .... its red dot was below and left of the green dot .... removed the adjuster caps and, with the benefit of have the Redhawk on a solid rest, moved the red dot to where it was directly on the green dot ... the color actually turned yellow .. .. very quick, efficient operation .... the Redhawk is now ready for a trip to a range fine tune the scope .... I really like the fact that with its magnetic mount, no additional adapters are required to use it on various calibers or with muzzle brakes .... having recently remounted scopes on 4 of our rifles, I'm looking forward to using the Wheeler to help quickly resight them
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    '07 Freightliner Sportchassis
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