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    with plans to take our 30 year old Remington Model 700 chambered for 300 WBY Magnum on our coming trip to South Dakota to fire at multiple gatherings, I took her out of the vault and gave here a thorough cleaning .... one that included cleaning the barrel with copper solvent ===> Sweet's 7.62 Solvent .... while its certainly possible, I don't recall ever cleaning its barrel with such a product .... with muzzle velocities exceeding 3,200 fps, finding copper residue came as no shock .... saying right up front that at no time in its history has a copper buildup every affected its accuracy .... since I recently mounted a new, more powerful scope on the rifle, I figured this would be a good time to thoroughly clean the barrel .... lets just say that the dark purple patches clearly proved that there was a significant copper coating on the lands and grooves .... I worked on it for over two hours yesterday and finished spent another couple of hours today .... now the barrel shines and patches come out clean .... back when we purchased the rifle and sighted it in, any possible impact of copper fouling on the rifle's impact point never crossed our mind .... now I find myself wondering what, if any, influence new fouling will have
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