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Progressive Loaders, What to Keep?

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  • JEBar
    we also have a Rockchucker and a Lock-n-Load .... other than to say they have an excellent reputation, I can't help with info on a Dillon .... we are heavily into both long gun and handgun shooting and have considered buying another Lock-n-Load .... the main reason is we already have all of the extras ...we could pretty well keep one setup for 223 and use the second for other calibers ....

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  • avvidclif
    started a topic Progressive Loaders, What to Keep?

    Progressive Loaders, What to Keep?

    About 2 years ago I decided I needed a progressive loader and bought a new Hornady Lock n Load and added the usual extra pieces.

    Earlier this year I found a bargain on a Dillon XL650 NIB but abt 20 years old. It's still in the box. Came with a NIB Case feeder

    Well I picked up a used Dillon RL550 yesterday just because it was a good deal. It's been sitting so I need to clean it up and it should be fine. It came with all original stuff plus strong mount, roller handle, and 7 spare heads. Plus 5 conversion kits and 9 sets of dies. I already had a incomplete 550 and a new powder measure head combo.

    I don't need 3. I've probably loaded 200 rounds on the Hornady, just lost interest in pistol shooting. No pistol shooting no need to reload in quantity.

    I have a SIL who wants to get a progressive to support his IDPA shooting. I need to keep one, sell one, and give him one. I have never used a 550 and don't know how well I would like the fact it doesn't auto index. Anyone have any feeling about that? I'm leaning towards keeping it because I have a lot of parts for it. The 650 costs abt $90 for a conversion kit to another caliber plus dies but I do have a case feeder for it. The Hornady is new and not even broken in.

    Oh, I have a Rockchucker for the precision rifle stuff but that's a different deal, it's used frequently.