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  • Water filter fo RV

    Hi, I'm new here, so sorry for the newbie question
    argued with my wife recently about clean water in RV... apparently, it's not enough to carry 10L for a day road trip, so she asked me to buy a filter
    I DONT KNOW ANYTHING about this stuff. She gave me an article about water flters, still, Im not quite sure if they are that helpful..
    please help me chose
    or better help to convince her not to buy it, ha-ha


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    first, welcome to our forum, delighted to have you join us .... the need for water filtration varies widely .... some campgrounds draw water from their own well and its quality can be great to pathetic .... some are on municipal water systems ..... how do you plan to use your camper ===> weekends/short term stays --- travel widely or pretty much stay within the same area .... the filtration systems in your link are fine .... one consideration in selecting a filtration system is, how easy is it to purchase replacement filtration elements .... we travel extensively and do visit areas with rather dirty water .... consequently we put together our own system .... in the first picture, the big tank is a water softener and our water filters are kept in a plastic bucket .... all connections are quick disconnects .... the second picture shows our filter system with new filters .... the third shows those filters after 6 days of use in a campground in Texas .... we can get our filters at Lowe's or any similar store .... if you wish to take it to the next level, you can also add a Reverse Osmosis filtration system (4th picture) .... as noted above, the first step is to determine how you plan to use your camper .... from there you my find it best to carry bottled water or to put together some level of filtration
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      First... and again... WELCOME!!!

      I'm a weekend rv'er - Jim is a long term camper (months at a time). That does play a role in what you choose. How? Staying months at a time you change the media only when needed. As a weekend'er, you either figure out a way to safely store a wet filter and not grow mold/mildew, or you throw away the filter media after each use. Also, I can pack enough water for coffee and drinking, so the filtering needed is really only to get safer water for showering, etc. Jim's system of soft water, triple filter, and an RO system - addresses all aspects of long term clean, pure water availability.

      My system? I run a dual filter. A sediment filter first... followed by a charcoal filter. I replace the sediment filter with each outing - - they're cheap. The charcoal filter is not cheap. Thus I put it in a ziploc bag and put it in the house fridge between uses. The cold keeps mold/mildew at bay between uses. I then discard the charcoal filter at the end of the season.

      Whatever system you decide to go with, a wise step would be to give a call to the folks at RV Water Filter Store.

      They are great folks, very knowledgeable, and will talk you through any concerns you have while giving you a pretty good education.
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        Camco makes a similar cartridge type filter and I recommend you not buy one. The reason is that they take proprietary Camco filters which are expensive and harder to find than a standard sediment filter. I bought a Camco and the fittings are poor quality plastic and it leaked just like their inline filters. Went to the hardware and bought a whole house filter and it takes standard
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          Late to the game.. Welcome.

          Roy the rule to a happy life is a happy wife. If she believes she will be happy and healthier, then buy the filter.

          I happen to be the one to clean the camper and I do sometimes get a little OCD about that task, and it only took me taking the little filters off the sink nozzles to see sediment and I just walked in showed the hubby and he went the next day to get a filter system. Our filter happens to fit in our wet Bay Area of the RV so it doesn't hang out. Jeff gave some very good pointers on how to make the costly parts last longer. Jeff is a smart man, you can learn a lot from him. Jim on the other hand is brilliant and I can only aspire to train my husband to be on his level.

          Filter or no filter I hope you have many enjoyable moments camping.
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